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    MAC and PC

    nattate Level 1

      My MAC pro which is 6 plus years old 32bit is getting to the end of its life but still working,it has been good to me. I am utilizing the Adobe cloud with the MAC. I am transtioning to a Dell T3600  64bit machine, 64gig of Ram etc. - I have a few questions:


      1.Do I have the option of not putting Adobe Premiere CC on the Dell, I want to continue using Premiere CS6. My concern is the number of people in the forum that seem to be having problems with Premiere CC, I would rather wait awhile.


      2.Do I have the option to have 2 machines on the cloud with the Adobe apps or am I charged another rental fee for the second machine (The Dell)?


      3.Does one or both of the machines have to be pinged once a month or just one?


      I would appreciate a response.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >MAC pro which is 6 plus years old 32bit


          You do know that Premiere Pro CS5 and later are only 64bit?


          1 - you decide what is installed


          2 - you might see if there is a FAQ at the Cloud forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/creative_cloud

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Overall CC is a pretty big improvement over CS6, so I'd ask what issues do you perceive people having?

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              basically my understanding is that you can have 2 computers with the same program installed.. usually a desktop and a laptop. only one of those is necessary to pay your subscription...as long as the payment for subscription is made there is no problem keeping your subscription current... the ping is to see if your subscription is current... so yes, you have to have some chat between your 2 computers and the current version etc...but it doesnt have to be concurrent... like have laptop or 2nd computer 'constantly' hooked up to internet etc...


              this is the main problem with subscription... those who like the cloud with blind folders on their eyes and no clue what its like to work on jobs for months at a time ' in the bush '... will not understand this.