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    After Effects CC won't connect to Dynamic link




      I am getting an error when starting After Effects CC saying that it can't connect to Dynamic Link.  I have read over the threads for this error, but my firewall is off I have removed the third party codecs from Library/Quicktime.  This worked once, but then went back to getting the error.


      I updated to the most recent version of OS X and after that I get a dialogue box when launching a project saying it has conected to untitled.ppj with a cancel and OK button.  the OK is grayed out, and if I hit cancel, After Effects hangs.


      If I launch a Premier project with linked After Effects compositions those never load.


      I am running OS X 10.8.5 and Adobe updater says everytihing is up to date.

      there are two adobeQT32 processes running in activity monitor (and two crash daemons as well)


      I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for trying to fix this.  Thanks.