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    ok who messed with my smudge tool?!

    ThorntonArtStudio Level 1

      For almost a decade, I've been using Photoshop for digital painting.  I use a very simple approach with round brushes.  The smudge tool has always allowed me to paint fast.  At a low strength, it USED TO do nice, soft blending even if I had a hard edge brush.  At a high strength, it USED TO let me define clean edges very quickly. 


      In fact, at 100% with strength set to pressure, I could do soft blending or define edges with no adjustments to settings.  Or I could only set size to pressure to pull out long strands of hair or blades of grass, with a perfect taper.


      NOW, it's more like pushing pixels around in the liquify filter...WHY?  I can't do smooth blends or sharp edges the same way at all!  And I certainly can't pull out fine lines for hair, grass, etc...  It's like the smudge tool in Sketchbook Pro...yuck


      This change has screwed up the most important digital painting tool in my arsenal.  PLEASE FIX!