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    Weird Color Noise in CC


      Color Noise.jpg

      What is causing the colored noise in the above image?  This appears before I do any editing.  When I import the image from Lightroom 5. 

      I turn on the Gamut Warning, and it disappears.  D'uh, I know.  But then, obviously, the gray from the Gamut Warning occupies parts of the image. 


      I open the image as a 16 bit PSD.


      Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Looks like residue from Lightrooms Adjustment Brush using Auto Mask....check the image in Lightroom.

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            mobeter3 Level 1

            Thank you for responding, Sir. I looked through Lightroom and saw that I didn't use it to edit.  I used it just to import as a PSD.  In that software, I tried changing the profile to Camera Faithful, and the banding and noise still appears when imported in to Photoshop.  I then checked my video card drivers.  They are current.  Huh.  Thanks anyhow.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              While I tend to agree with Jeff that an extreme adjustment or something like that has left you with enhancement of color differences between adjacent small areas of the image, there's no way anyone can really comment meaningfully on what you're seeing without access to your original raw data.  Do you have an image file you can share online?


              Retrace your steps, and start with looking carefully the preview when you're developing the image...  Do you see the problem there?


              Did you enhance the shadow areas of the image extremely?  There's only so much you can dig out of the shadows, even with the most modern cameras.