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    Objects loosing their fill settings when styled


      Hi all,

      I'm running into a little problem which i understand but not sure how to solve or get around it.


      Basically i have an icon, a blue circle with some white bits on top (both colours done as fills) grouped together. I am anchoring the icons but want them lift justified. So far so good, but to make the left justified as a style i loose the 'fill' when i apply the style (even if fill is turned off).


      I tried just leaving it as an object that is has an override (+ symbol) and then using that object each time. But now looking over previous instances i've lost the white bits part (well it's still there but can't see it, no fill). I think this happened when i syncronised my stlyes.


      If anyone can please help me it would be awesome, if you need more info feel free to ask.


      Thansk in advance


      P.S i'm thinking maybe not grouping to two parts of the icon would work? But i will still have to go through and redo them all probably.