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    HELP! Hitting a brickwall - embedding my flash catalyst swf file into an html page


      I have built a website with frontpage 2003 and built a home navigation flash file with Catalyst. I have published the Catalyst project and uploaded the entire deploy-to-web folder to my server.


      I can see all the needed files in my folders in frontpage, everything is there.


      If I click on main.html while in frontpage, it loads up just fine and plays great: It shows my catalyst creation and all of it works great (animation, intercative buttons, sounds etc). But... What I really want to do is embed that swf flash file (the navigation) into my frontpage html home page. I have embeded flash files (but not built with catalyst)  into frontpage websites before and it actually pretty easy and has always worked great. But now I am using Flash Catalyst  and this time I am running into problems. I'm STUCK.


      1. If I import the catalyst swf file into my html page, using the usual Frontage "import flash file" function, then save and view, I find that the general page loads up correctly (along with all its animations) but the buttons do not work properly when clicked on or hovered over. And none of the sounds work.


      2. After hours of surfing the net, what I gather so far is that I may be missing some scripts etc when embedding the swf into my html page, notably I think a file named 'swfobject' that needs to be there in order for the buttons and sounds to work properly (or something of the sort).


      Can anyone please tell me exactely what I need to insert into my html page (at the insertion place, which in my case happens to be inside a table, for layout purpose) in order for this to work? Maybe post the html coding so all I have to do is copy paste?


      I have spent several weeks designing this navigation and it is truly beautiful and I am very frustrated that I am not able to figure out how to embed it into my website so I can use it!!!