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    Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?

    tawhidzkhan Level 1

      The only reason I pay for my creative cloud license is for Adobe Fireworks. Like me, other UX professionals use Fireworks to design Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes using Fireworks. It seems like, Adobe is totally disconnected with the customer, and they dont really get whats the purpose of Fireworks!!! This is terrible adobe, Fireworks is the best tool for Web and Interface design, and it does it fast and quick!!!

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          UIUXPRO Level 1

          I completely agree. I'm an Lead UI/UX guru and with Fireworks I get my Web and Mobile work done fast and beautifully for large scale orgnization. Business teams understand interactions quickly because of Fireworks' Pages with hotspot capabilities. Fireworks is a simple tool packed with great, really great useful and only the most needed features. And there are plugins for various other feature specific capabilities.


          Adobe, it would be wonderful if you continue to support Fireworks. And most importantly its users. Fireworks makes my job a breeze while having fun.

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            Herbert2001 Level 4

            Fireworks is dead in the water, and has been like that since Adobe aquired Macromedia. I believe Macromedia meant to drop it anyway at that time, and Adobe sort-of saved it from its demise.


            Adobe is not going to continue to develop it - the way web pages are built nowadays do not fit in the slice paradigm Fireworks still uses, and that is probably why they are stumbling in the dark trying to come up with fumbled alternatives like Muse and Edge. Photoshop is still quite limited for this type of work.


            Luckily enough, there are some good (better?) alternatives. Although not exactly the same toolset, I have been very happy with a combination of Photoline and Xara Designer Pro for wireframing, prototyping and mockup design.


            For those who are seeking full design tools in one application that completely replaces Fireworks: Xara Designer Pro pretty much offers everything Fireworks can do, and much more:



            Fireworks looks a bit old in the tooth compared, and Designer Pro includes all Xara Web Designer Premium tools as well.


            There's also a web designer edition.


            Best thing: you can do a cross-upgrade - meaning you can use your current Adobe license to upgrade to the latest version for a 33% reduced price. I would suggest anyone in web dev/design to download the trial and give it a whirl!


            And no subscription model in sight ;-) nudge, nudge, wink,wink

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              hermannb47952245 Level 1

              From my point of view Adobe missed the point. Being able to have a vector and raster tool is what Fireworks provides. I think Adobe should at least integrate it to Photoshop. I will try Xara just in case.

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                andrew4720580 Level 1

                I must agree with the sentiments here. I have used Fireworks for years because of it's simple design and ability to get things done quickly with both vector and bitmap images. In addition being able to quickly output to html and slice images for let's say an email campaign (or a website) was very valuable and simple without all the overhead (or price) of a photoshop/illustrator. It does have a niche and now that I have changed jobs I no longer have a license and want to purchase one. Guess what it's not available any longer even though I used the trial version for the last few weeks to get my feet wet again. Is there a way I can purchase the last Mac version for my home use?

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                  muzikinis garžas Level 1

                  why it is discontinued?

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                    gretag22941325 Level 1

                    As it was already said, it was developed by Macromedia before Adobe bought it. Macromedia had in mind to provide a web-oriented tool without the overhead Photoshop provided. In those days Photoshop was (and maybe still is) the best image processor for printing. It could convert CMYK to RGB and so on. Fireworks was THE tool for screen.designers who work with lights instead of colors. Adobe tried to integrate web-components into Photoshop which makes it a massive dinosaur, totally unusable for screen-developers like me. I still use Fireworks MX from Macromedia. You would not believe it: It still works like a charm, although I miss some more sophisticated developments (css3, html5 etc...)


                    Adobe made the same mistake with Dreamweaver (also developed by Macromedia) by killing its server-connect behaviors. So, this always happens when a company becomes too big: They lose contact with their client's needs. In the end those clients will leave Adobe and use Gimp or Xara and Wordpress for web-development. Most of these tools are open-source and even free to use.

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                      dougi55517689 Level 1

                      Adobe Fireworks is essential to my business I am shocked that Adobe abandoned the easiest, very powerful tool for web graphics development... just insane.

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                        linusc Level 1

                        This post is not really to answer this old question (sorry for reviving an old post). But for posterity sake, as of January 2017 you can download Fireworks CS6 from Creative Cloud here:




                        I'm only mentioning it here because I opened the Creative Cloud desktop app on the Mac and could not find where to download Fireworks, probably a part of Adobe abandoning Fireworks.


                        But, it is there if you dig a little.

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                          gretag22941325 Level 1

                          Thanks linusc, I really appreciate your endevour to point into the right direction -

                          Alas, I only get a blank page, even tried it with different browsers. So it seems I will be stuck with my Fireworks MX (still licensed and working under Macromedia).

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                            gregh55942587 Level 1

                            THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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                              linusc Level 1

                              Hmmm, not sure why you are getting a blank screen.

                              When I open the page, I see this:



                              I don't think it should matter but I am able to open the page on Safari 10.0.2 and Chrome 55.0.2883.95.


                              Have you tried opening the site using Incognito mode (Safari: Private Browsing)?

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                                Geek091 Level 1

                                Let me just say for the record that the day Fireworks ***** the bed and I can't get it working is the day I will have no further use for Adobe. I will call my credit card issuer, cancel the card, and then cancel my Adobe subscription.


                                I'm not even asking that Adobe add on any features to Fireworks or change it in any way other than making it compatible with new Windows builds so I don't have to spend hours farting around with it every time MS rams an "upgrade" down my throat.


                                I have alternatives for everything else in the CS package other than Fireworks. The day I no longer have that and have to switch to some other software to work with decades of stuff I have that was done with Fireworks, there will be no further use in my maintaining my subscription.


                                I don't think I'm the only Adobe customer who feels this way.



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                                  Edwin Witlox Level 1

                                  Thanks for the link linusc. It was hidden pretty good by Adobe because they don't want us to use Fireworks anymore.

                                  The problem for many poeple is that they have a way of working with the tools they are used to. I can do my work in a fast and efficient way with tools i have worked with for years. Fireworks is one of these tools for me. I think Adobe needs to pt it back in de suite or create a replacement. Now there is no real replacement for Fireworks.

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                                    ALBATROSS Level 1

                                    Well said Geek091. Your take on Adobe dumping FW is the same as mine. There is NO other alternative for Vector/Bitmap Editing and for accessing legacy .fw.png files. Adobe need to start listening to people using their software all we'll all drift off somewhere else.

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                                      stephenj58535903 Level 1

                                      Fireworks is needed all over the place for quick prototyping. Give us this back. Wy not give it to the world, open source. If you release it for free, what have you got to loose? You will gain respect.

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                                        gretag22941325 Level 1

                                        Great suggestion,
                                        Thank you

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                                          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                                          Fireworks remains available if you have a Creative Cloud subscription as does Photoshop CS6 . Because a product is no longer in development does not mean it has no commercial value, in fact Fireworks is still better than Photoshop for certain things.

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                                            ALBATROSS Level 1

                                            I asked an Adobe Support assistant for a link to it and never got any. I have a CC subscription. I just don't know why Adobe don't bring it back or create something with the same capabilities.

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                                              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional


                                              you can download it from here, but will need a serial to use it.

                                              Download Adobe CS6 Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant or Manager) | ProDesignTools

                                              If you try this link read the page carefully as a cookie needs to be set for server access, otherwise the Adobe server won't let you in.


                                              Depending on your CC subscription you might have access to it under the 'Additional Apps' section of the Desktop Application. I have access to the entire suite of CC programs and so am not entirely sure that everyone will have access to Fireworks with say the Photographic Plan, but you can but look. If you do have access it doesn't require a serial.



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                                                Speedsoft Level 1

                                                Huge pat on the back for that link!

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                                                  les75654312 Level 1

                                                  thank you! the best tool ever!

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                                                    Rich_IWH Level 1

                                                    Glad there was a link in here so I could get FW back.


                                                    I guess its time to start looking elsewhere for software.  With web going online CMS more and more I have little use for Dreamweaver and Fireworks was my most used tool. If they are not going to support it then its time to move on.



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                                                      cb79383803 Level 1

                                                      I'm pretty confident that Fireworks CS6 is indeed gone for good now (at least for those wishing to download/install a new copy).  Most of the other recent posts in this forum (I've reviewed at least half, so far) are also asking where it went or how to download it. 




                                                      Back in January 2017, I got a new license for Creative Cloud, and successfully downloaded Fireworks CS6 to my home PC (Win 7) via the Creative Cloud Windows application.


                                                      I recently started a new day job, got a separate new subscription to CC, and just today (July 25) tried to download Fireworks to my office Mac. I was unable to find it via the Creative Cloud application, then searched on Adobe.com and across the web for information. While I wan't able to find anything (official or otherwise) that Adobe finally stopped making it available, it appears that's now the case. The web page with CS6 direct-download links to Adobe pages that Terri Stevens shared above didn't work for me either (and yes, I was logged into my browser with my Adobe ID).


                                                      I guess that one client of mine is screwed within the next few months, as their old site (built back in 2000-2001 with Macromedia DW/FW!) STILL uses the original design. (It does somehow still meet their business needs and expectations, believe it or not.) Maybe even sooner if they (somehow) disable my CS6 version at home. Migration plan, stat!


                                                      I can share one relatively good-news tidbit. Last Sunday at home, I was able to use Fireworks CS6 on my home computer (with CC). Fingers crossed they don't kill that before I migrate that one client site of mine. I own(ed?) a copy of Creative Suite CS3 at home, but that's usable only on computers through Windows Vista, and my last Vista machine died back in January. 


                                                      Dear Adobe, I'm not sure whether you monitor the forums here, but if you do see this, and you have stopped people from being able to download/install fresh copies of Fireworks CS6, PLEASE CONFIRM THAT, and UPDATE THE INFORMATION HERE AND ACROSS YOUR PUBLIC SITE...  and please don't kill currently-installed versions, at least for a little while. Personally, I'd be screwed if I'm not able to continue to use Fireworks until my home CC subscription expires. Thank you.

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                                                        terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                                                        Hello there,

                                                        the link I gave at least still works for me

                                                        https://forums.adobe.com/external-link.jspa?url=http%3A%2F%2Fprodesigntools.com%2Fadobe-cs 6-direct-download-links.html


                                                        I tried the PC links and the Mac links and all give a download. Are you sure you are following the instructions at Prodesign Tool? To get downloads to work you need to have a cookie set by clicking on a link. The link is on the page I have given you. I've highlighted it below.You must use that link or a server access denied error will occur. Clicking the link opens a brand new window but you do nothing there as the cookie is set , all you do is switch back to the download window which will still be open and click on your Fireworks download. Maybe your browser is set not to allow cookies?





                                                        As you can see it gives a download at least on 26th July, 2017


                                                        I'm using the Windows 10 Edge browser but I'm sure it will work with others


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                                                          cb79383803 Level 1

                                                          Terry, I just gave those instructions another try with Safari on my office Mac -- IT WORKED! I NOW HAVE FIREWORKS CS6 on my Mac at work! Thanks a million for your prompt response yesterday. My only guess about it failing yesterday was due to me using Chrome (with addons, etc). At any rate, I'm all set now. Fireworks is running as expected. You're a lifesaver.

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                                                            terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Glad it is now is working for you.


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                                                              Sharpe D User Group Manager

                                                              Fireworks is the best app. I am on a Mac and it has been working ok.. until I loaded Mac OS 10.13 beta. Now no more Fireworks. Most everything works, except the color panel does not function at all. Anyone happen to know why the color panel is not working or a work around to fix it?

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                                                                samoir Level 1

                                                                Fireworks is one of the best apps, and have been using it since Macromedia days, it is an exceptional comping tool, and for production.

                                                                Very powerful user friendly. It is a complete mind-f*rk that they are canning it, and not releasing it to open source.


                                                                As of Sept 2017, If you are using Adobe Creative Cloud, like i am (I reinstalled my MacBook Pro with High Sierra OS X 10.13) and Adobe Fireworks CS6 didn't show up in the apps list !!  


                                                                However after some delving you can still download and access it by doing the following from the Creative Cloud installer dialogue box from the Finder Menu:







                                                                I freaked out that I couldn't download it again!

                                                                Anyhow - hope this helps,  and you guys find this a suitable solution as well.

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                                                                  steveself Level 1

                                                                  So here we are on the threshold of High Sierra... 10.13... Does FW CS6 from the CC work in Mac 10.13?  I have used the stand alone CS6 version of FW and DW for years now. Love FW, best app for quick graphics and images!  But I do not trust Adobe to update it for High Sierra, if they consider it no longer supported.  Is anyone using it in High Sierra?

                                                                  • 30. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                    Sharpe D User Group Manager

                                                                    I can verify that it works for me on High Sierra.


                                                                    in fact I just bought a brand new Mac Book Pro and clean installed everything.


                                                                    Now Fireworks is not available through Creative Cloud app to install. I did find the Fireworks full installer. I got it installed and it works fine.


                                                                    i also archived the installer. I believe I had to install as a trial, but it later recognized my number.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                      steveself Level 1

                                                                      Wow, that is great!  Do you know if DW CS6 non CC works in 10.13?



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                                                                        thorbjørnf68589749 Level 1

                                                                        The way to find FW in Windows is the same :-)


                                                                        Why they discontinued one of there greatest products is still a riddle to me...

                                                                        • 33. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                          steveself Level 1

                                                                          Yeah. FW CS6 seems to be working ok in High Sierra.

                                                                          I am also experimenting with Affinity Designer.  it won't open FW.png as editable, just as flattened images. That is too bad. But it is interesting.  Still would rather use FW as my editing flies in there.



                                                                          • 34. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                            faslane Level 1

                                                                            Not true. Fireworks was included in CS6 LONG after the Adobe Macromedia purchase.....

                                                                            • 35. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                              L.Jones.0 Level 1

                                                                              Yeah, since I heard of the cancellation of Fireworks, I have had no reason to upgrade.  Most of the work I do has very little use for Photoshop.  I mainly do game, mobile, and web development so I just need quick work done and Photoshop doesn't do that. I've been hoping for a successor. I'll give Xara a shot and see how it is. Has someone here tried Adobe XD?

                                                                              • 36. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                                katherine.mary Level 1

                                                                                XARA can only be run on microsoft. we need software that works on real computers like imacs.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                                  terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                  Maybe you should tell Apple they still make quality computers for professionals. From what I can see the only advantage now of an Apple machine is they look nice. Otherwise they are more expensive, the OS is more buggy and the hardware being all based on Intel chips is no faster than on Windows. They were good once when Steve Jobs was around as he cared about the professional market, but today the emphasis is on selling gimmicks to kids and to pander to professionals who like to boast about how much they spend and have them pay ridiculously high prices because they are too opinionated to switch to Windows. Just my opinion of course but we no longer have a single Mac in our company.

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                                                                                  • 38. Re: Where is Adobe Fireworks CC?
                                                                                    joannak87116295 Level 1

                                                                                    Oh my god, thank you for this link!  Adobe has really tried to bury Fireworks, even hiding it from the CC list of options now.  It's their Cinderella of products.  Something beautiful that's supposed to disappear just because it might detract from their expensive and bloated product suite.  Sigh. 

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