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    Refreshing a dataprovider into a datagrid


      I´m editing a datagrid and i´m trying to validate and update the information inside the ItemEditEnd event, but I don´t get see any change into the datagrid. The column i´m editing is the one editable, if I debug the dataprovider, it changes in the right way, but the datagrid shows the last value yet, the refresh method occurs until another object gets the focus and shows the cursor in it.

      The code I have written :

      private function grd_Detalle_ItemEditEnd(event:DataGridEvent):void
      var strContenido:String;

      if (event.reason != DataGridEventReason.CANCELLED)
      strContenido = TextInput(event.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance).text;
      grd_Detalle.selectedItem.Kilos_Dif = Number(grd_Detalle.selectedItem.Kilos_Env) - Number(strContenido);

      can someone tell me why this is happening??
      what else I have to do ???