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    Configuring Custom App Pool in IIS 7.5

    Buddha Selva

      I'm having a problem that is killing me for two days.

      The problem is that I have to configure two reports (ColdFusion+DotNet) on IIS (Server 2008, V7.5) such that they work on seperate application pool. But if I configure such in such that way I get an error


      "HTTP Error 403.18 - Forbidden


      The specified request cannot be processed in the application pool that is configured for this resource on the Web server".


      But this is solved if I put the application on the same pool as default website,but then the second application and the first would be on the same app pool.


      I also noticed that this problem doesn't occur on windows server 2003 IIS.


      I also tried isolating my application away from inetpub,that din work too


      Why is this happening?