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    Premier Pro Debug Event

    Nom d'écan Level 1

      Premier Pro Debug event
      Permiere Pro has encountered an error



      This comes immediately afetr opening the file.

      I hust worked correctly las night on it


      Windows 7 Premiere Pro CC


      Result, the project file is locked for me.

      Side inforrmation, all the backup copies made by Premier give the same result.

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          I sent you a PM.


          I'll update this thread once we discover what's going on incase others get the same error message.


          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro

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            I would very much like to know if there is any further information on this issue?


            I have encountered the same problems.
            Was working on a file Friday (11th October 2013) with no issue. Opening the project today (14th October) and it causes the program to hang.


            I am try to export different versions of the final project but am unable to open the project file. All automatic back-ups and personal saved version are having the same issue.





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              Nom d'écan Level 1

              Hi, looks like excatly what I experimented.


              When it happened it was on my computer at country side.

              Only this projet and all its previous versions were affected, all other projects worked just fine.

              And it happened suddenly, the next time  opened  this projets, one hour the same day after closing it.

              I spent half a day attempting virtually everything, including removing all media files running all backup projects, and so on, even renaming the projet.


              I went back in my Paris office where I have two computers running adobe.


              I connected the disk where the failing projet was, and ... it did work fine, and on both of those computers !

              The three computers are at the same revision level, for Windows 7 and adobe software.

              And, just in case i might have an influence, my dog was sleeping nearby in both situations, ... no i have no cat.


              I will comeback in my country home in 10 days, and will try again the projet that fails.

              If it fails, then I will send the whole project to Adobe (which they required but if working on another computer cured it, it was worthless.)

              >>>> By the way, your project is still locked, as such it might be useful for adobe >>>>

              If if works, then I will notify Adobe and that discussion as well.




              From that experience, may be you could try to send your projet to adobe, or to a friend.

              You  could try it on one of their computer, add two or more medias just for fun,

              and send it back to you.

              May be this might unlock it on your computer, ... may be not.


              If you have nobody to which you could send it, I can do it for you, just send a cd to M. Ader, 37 rue Bouret 75019 PARIS



              By the way, it is a fascinating bug. I cannot imaging what can do that.