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    Save for web 72ppi (part 2)

    Folobo Level 1

      Hi all, the old post was http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662903


      The Include Metadata option in Save For Web... saves the info found in File > File Info with the image. No resolution data.

      This has zero effect on the image. Image resolution only affects printing the image. For viewing on the web, all that matters is height x depth measured in pixels.


      Save For Web strips all resolution data from the file. The file simply doesn't have a resolution out of SFW.

      The 72 ppi or whatever appears when you reopen into Photoshop, because Photoshop needs some resolution figure and therefore assigns 72 purely as a default value.

      I have to save some images for my DPS workflow with 72ppi and the same also 108ppi.

      I save the first using Save for Web and i think that is correct.

      The problem is the 108ppi output - how is the best workflow to this? Can i use Save for Web? I think no!


      I understand that Save for Web do not save 72ppi or any other ppi size...

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Think what you are quoting is what I have read also.  Not sure why they would specify 72 and 108 ppi.  That is just the pixels per inch of the display.  Perhaps they want a larger image on the website.  This could be acomplished by making the pixel size larger, without resampling.  At least that is the way I see it, but could be wrong.


          Take an image and open image/image size and play with the ppi with resampling off to check this out.