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    3D map with just contour lines.




      I'm a junior motion graphics designer at an advertising agency in the UK.


      The Brief:


      30 Seconds: Animation


      Simple contour lines from an ordnance survey map, and some text.


      But I do have a very good grasp on After Effects CC.


      For an upcoming pitch I need to recreate a visual. Which is:


      Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.44.02.png


      Basically I need a constant rolling hill effects with just the contour lines, then I will be animating text to specific points as if they were camera tracked.


      I have After Effects CC so i was wondering whether it would be easier to re-create in Cinema 4D lite, but admittedly I'm very much an amateur there.


      From my initial thoughts:


        • Make this Illustrator file animate forwards in 3D space then put an echo on it. (would this look okay?)
        • Then the thought came about creating the environment in Cinema 4D. (Can it be done in the Lite version?)
        • Or grab stock to save the hassle (Ideally I'd prefer to re-create it)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,