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    Unable to run Premiere Elements 11 Organizer

    NeilRuda Level 1

      I am unable to run the Organizer in PE11. I've deleted the prf file as suggested in other threads, but that did not make any difference. I cannot use the program either from the PE11 Welcome screen or inside the actual PE11 program. Can anyone suggest another solution? Thanks.


      Neil Ruda

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The Elements Organizer has its own settings file, the psa.prf. Is that the one the you deleted or disabled by renaming it from psa.prf to psa.prfOLD?


          I think that we would be targeting the same file, but try from Welcome Screen Organizer Tab or Premiere Elements 11 Expert Organizer Tab (bottom of Premiere Elements workspace)....


          Hold down on the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys altogether as you left mouse click and hold that click on the Tab for about 15 seconds. At the end of that time, release just the hold click and watch for a message about deleting the settings file. Click Yes to that.


          Do you have Photoshop Elements as well as Premiere Elements? If so, have you tried getting into this Elements Organizer 11 by that route


          I came across the possibility of conflicts between features......do you have the password manager named RoboForm installed on your computer?


          Have you gone through the following Adobe document that I have seen recommended by an Adobe person (Green)

          http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/troubleshoot-system-errors-freezes-photoshop. html#main_Beginning_troubleshooting


          Also, try to open the Elements Organizer 11 from the .exe file...

          Local Disc C

          Program Files (x86)


          Elements Organizer 11

          and, in the Elements Organizer 11 Folder, double click the PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe file. Does the Elements Organizer 11 open?

          If it does, then I would recommend changing the catalog, File Menu/Manage Catalogs.


          Please review the above and let us know if any of that worked for you.





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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            You can also try to rename/delete the catalog. This is what drives the Elements Organizer as fasr as I know. The default location for this catalog db is in programdata folder. On all machines, this default is "%programdata%\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\" (Type this in Start->Run bar and hit Enter).


            Delete or rename the folder here that is the latest modified. Again if you have not changed the name, it should be called "My Catalog". Be warned though that deleting this will delete all the data that you have imported and "Organized" through this app. So I prefer renaming it, rather than deleting it. If you are unable to delete it because Windows says "this is being used.. " or something like that, kill ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe, Adobe Premiere Elements.exe and any other items that call themselves ****Photoshop****.exe, There is a sync agent that syncs this content to somewhere in the cloud. If this is running, kill that as well. Do not worry about brutally killing these exes, the background processes respawn everytime Elements Organizer is launched. At least they do on my machine.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Just in case you need this for future reference, here is the link for the now sometimes hard to find Elements Organizer 11 Help PDF.



              Please check it out when you get a chance to make sure that the information in the PDF is exclusive to your version 11.