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    Edge Animate - Looping background problem?




      I have created the following simple animation:



      the files are at: http://bondagetips.co.uk/stew


      I want the background to loop seamlessly, I have created the illustration so it will join ok at either end I just cant figure out how to do the Animation 'looping' element so its nice and smooth without any visual jumping? or without it jumping back to the beginning -  Ive looked through my books etc and online but can't seemto find any help.


      Any offerings would be much appreciated!..



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          William Patin

          Hi Lee,


          I've been asking myself the same question, and I would edit my background as I would do in order to create a seamless texture pattern. You have to reach a point in your linear animation, from where you can loop your animation seamlessly. That means, that you have to end on the same graphical content as you started with.


          See here:


          Hope this helps.



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            leemharrison Level 1

            Hi Will,


            Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate your time. I think I understand what you mean. Although I see from your graphic that the van image appears on either side of the screen? is this necessary as this is an independent graphic. Are you referring to the background image only?


            That said I'm looking at it while I'm typing and think I see what you mean (I'm probably just being thick)… I'll have a play with that and let you know how I get on..


            Thanks a lot…



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              William Patin Level 1

              You don't need to duplicate the van, it's just a reference. You just have to imagine that, in order to have a perfect loop, you need to set your looping point 1 frame (or 1ms in the timeline), before the two vans would overlap perfectly in the picture. So, in order to achieve that, your background needs to repeat itself at the end.

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                leemharrison Level 1

                Thanks Will,


                I understand now! - took me a while to get my head around it, just trying to work out the best way to work it out in Photoshop to get it pixel perfect…


                Thanks again for your time - you have been really helpful.