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    unable to find method click for automation class fleximage

      Hi ,

      I am using the QTP 9.1 for automating one of the projects.I created some scripts which were working fine for some time.But suddenly i was not able to do "click" action on any of the controls like fleximage , flexbutton, flexmenubar. When i try to do a click action on one of the item in menu bar through the code here
      " Browser( szBrowser).FlexApplication(szFlexApplnName).FlexBox(szFlexBox ).FlexMenuBar(szMenuBar).Click szPageName" i am getting the error message which is pasted here:-

      "Unable to find automation method 'click' for class 'name: FlexMenuBar"
      superClassName: FlexObject
      event2descriptor: (Object)#0
      flash.events.FocusEvent|keyFocusChange = (mx.automation.qtp::QTPEventDescriptor)#1
      eventClassName = "flash.events.FocusEvent"
      eventType = "keyFocusChange"
      name = "ChangeFocus"
      flash.events.KeyboardEvent|keyPress = (mx.automation.qtp::QTPEventDescriptor)#2
      eventClassName = "flash.events.KeyboardEvent"
      eventType = "keyPress"
      name = "Type"
      Checked the TEAFlex.xml also the click action is included by default.Dont know why the script which earlier was running fine not running or not doing the click action now on any of flexcontrols.But able to do click action on other objects which are of browser and VB.Any help on this regard would be more appreciated.
      I have installed the QTP Plugin 3 which comes with flex builder 3 beta trial version.
      QTP Version is 9.1.