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    GPU and AE

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      Hi All,


      Not sure if correct forum, but figured that because this is the hardware forum it would make sense.


      My system has a Quadro 4000 and a GTX 680 4GB.  I had my two monitors plugged into the Quadro 4000 via display port and DVI.


      The other day After Effects CC would crash everytime I tried to combine the layer window in the composition window. This was a new issue that I hadn't had before.  I worked with adobe support to correct the issue.


      The support had me plug one monitor into one card and another into the other card - this solved the problem.  He said that most graphics cards cannot support two monitors when using a high-end graphics programs like After Effects. 


      While I'm glad that this resolved the issue (for now) I can't help but be a bit dubious.  I thought these high end cards were built precisely to support multiple monitors in demanding applications.  I've supported two monitors using an iMac (with its mobile GPU) in After Effects with no stability issues. 


      Just looking for some insight.  I can't help but wonder if my GPU is simply failing (I've had BSODs related to either GPU or memory).



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Unfortunately the info you were given is incorrect. Quadro and Geforce cards can support 2 monitors inside AE or any other applications. You are running into something else that may have to do with a bad card if you are getting BSOD's from the video driver. What Quadro driver are you running? Did you install the Quadro driver and the Geforce driver via the Nvidia setup installers? If you did that may be where the problem is. To run both a Quadro and a Geforce card, you need to install the Quadro driver via the Nvidia setup. Then manually install the Geforce driver via device manager after you extract the Geforce driver from the Nvidia setup and cancel the install. That should keep the drivers from causing issues.




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            rlr29711 Level 1

            Did you install the Quadro driver and the Geforce driver via the Nvidia setup installers?



            Which setup installer are you refering to?


            One of the troubleshooting techniques I did with the Adobe rep was update the drivers for my GeForce GTX 680 manual via device manager. 


            However, my prefered driver for the Quadro is 310.9 due to Avid requirements, but it's not a necessity.  I do seem to be doing something wrong because when I updated the GeForce driver, it updated my Quadros driver as well. Any ideas?


            Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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              I mean the Nvidia Setup installers that you download from Nvidia.com. That means Nvidia included the Quadro drivers with the Geforce installer again. You would have to uninstall the current Quadro driver first. Then install the Latest Quadro driver from here:


              http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro-tesla-grid-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-320.92-whql-driver .html


              Sounds like Adobe already manually installed the Geforce drivers during troubleshooting. I wouldnt worry to much about Avid approved drivers. I havnt seen any problems with them lately with MC7. Avid is always behind the times with testing.




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                Thanks for the help - not sure if I did things properly.


                I downloaded the software you linked to and ran the setup - this installed the drivers for the Quadro.  There doesn't seem to be anything to extract from the file and the Geforce seems to already have the same drivers as the new Quadros. 


                Does this sound right?

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                  Well that is the right install for the Quadro drivers. The Geforce driver update would require you to download the Geforce driver installer. Run the installer which qill extract the Nvidia files and then cancel the installer when the setup wizard asks if you want express or custom install. However try the configuration you have now and see if the stability is better.