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    Symbol freezes

    William Patin Level 1



      I've been trying to accomplish a similar animation to Sarah's birds animation (the bird sprites in this example ) using a SVG graphic, just longer.


      Here's what I did:

      • my sprite is a SVG, I animate its rotation value and loop it in order to achieve a pendulum movement - duration until loop point: 4s
      • I duplicate my sprite multiple times and offset the animation start and loop points, in order to randomise the animation phases - duration: still 4s
      • I make a symbol of these sprites and import it to a different animation


      And this is where the trouble starts. It doesn't matter where I position the symbol in the timeline, it won't play longer than for 2s max. It gets even worse if I position it at i.e. 00:05:000 and start it at this time, then it only plays for 500ms until if freezes.


      Is there a maximal duration for continuous animations inside symbols? Am I missing something?