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    Bugs in Permiere CS6 6.0.5

    Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional



      I've found two bugs in the 6.0.5 update for Premiere CS6


      1. Wrong display of total duration of a clip in the preview monitor

      If you set an in- and out point in the preview monitor the duration between the in- and outpoint is not always shown correctly. You can raise the error when you set an in- and out point and then move the area within the timeline of the preview monitor. The total duration of the clip is displayed and not the time between in and out.


      2. The preview must be already rendered when using nested sequences.

      Take nested sequences, where one of the sequences comes from another project and render the preview (red bars in the timeline turns green), save the project and close it. Now the project is opened again, the bars are red again. But only in the sequence, the sequence was included from a different project.


      In Premiere CS6 6.0.3 all works fine. Can anybody reproduce this errors?





      PS: Sorry for my bad English. It's not my mother tongue.