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    Learning to convert existing InDesign book layout to EPub

    Fly Fishing Graphic Desig

      I've got all the chapters flowing, copy linked and photos anchored. I'm still having a couple of issues I need to resolve to get it completed.


      At the beginning of each chapter, I have a photo with caption that fills the first page, then the chpater title with a trout icon at the top of the 2nd page to EACH chapter. The layout is consistant throughout each chapter intro. However, when I save as an epub, sometimes it puts my chapter header and trout icon UNDER my large photo. Here's my question, I'm sure it's simple, but I can't seem to find the answer online nor in my tools.


      How do I set a photo so that it stands alone on a page?

      How to I make a page break before my header and trout icon?

      As I stated, seems like there should be a simple setting that allows me to do so, but I'm not having any luck finding it.

      I don't want this to appear as a spread, but rather flow single page at a time, as I'm sure the reading on smaller tablets, etc, would lend itself better to one page per view instead of a two page spread. Just wanted to send it to you in a spread so it made more sense when I'm trying to explain it.



      Also, I have these little yellow boxes that are the width of the page with a "TIP" in each box. When I made the epub conversion, it threw my yellow box UNDER my copy that was grouped with it and on top of the yellow box. Should I just disregard this style of highlighing the "TIP" and change the font color and size to emphasize the "TIP" or is there a way to keep that grouped object of the yellow box with copy block in tact so it can flow within my body copy where placed?


      Can you help me?


      Thanks in advance for any help.


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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          The Articles panel in CC would help you. Articles are like chapters which are like separate xhtml web pages. Within each article you can put your content. From top to bottom in the article listing is the first to last of the flow. Epubs do not support multi-column. Your tips could be rasterized and anchored into the paragraph and also set to float left or right; but it doesn't get much fancier than that in EPUB 2.

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            AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee



            If you want your pageitem in some particular order use Articles panel, it is under Window menu.

            Create an article and then add pageitems to it in the order you want them in Epub.

            Now export to Epub and in 'Epub Export Options' dialog, select 'Same as Articles Panel' in 'Content Order' drop down.


            How do I set a photo so that it stands alone on a page?

            Select photo and open Object->Object Export Options dialog then select 'Epub and HTML' tab. Here you get options to Custom Layout your pageitem.


            If you want group in Epub as it appears in InDesign then you may have to rasterize it using 'Custom Rasterization' settings in 'Object Export Options' dialog.

            If you want color of a text frame then you will have to make it anchor to some other text frame.