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    Capturing 'auto-color' settings?

    TLL... Level 3

      Hi all


      Sometimes when working with particularly difficult imaging I'll start with a quick auto-level or auto-color adjustment. More often than not these attempts leave little to be desired and I move on to other techniques. But once and a while (like today's subjects) I'l do an auto-color and the result is good enough to warrant inclusion in an action where I want to apply the exact same settings from that single auto-color step to a few more files. Trouble is, unlike the levels where you can see what's been done and can save the .alv, there seems to be no equivalent for the auto-color adjustment. Can those settings be saved out? Am I just missing an obvious dialog or menu step?



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You could use a Levels adjustment layer, and Alt (Opt) click on the Auto button, and choose 'Find light and dark colours'.  You can even set that as the default.  If that does what you want, then you can use the RGB drop down and check each channel in turn to see what values were applied.   I am not sure how relevant those values would be though, because I suspect (another word for guess) that the values you set for Shadow and Highlight Clip are more significant and transferable.

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            TLL... Level 3

            Thanks Trevor, it doesn't happen too often that auto-color gives a good starting point, but when it does it's a time saver.

            I'll try to remember this