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    Blackmagic AVI - No Video


      So I recorded 4 services this weekend using a Blackmagic DeckLink SDI card onto an XP box (just like I do every weekend). The files are recorded as an 8-bit YUV NTSC AVI file with Blackmagics Media Express. I then transfer those files to my iMac (mid-2011) for editing the following day, using Premiere Pro CSC6. This time, 5 of the 6files did not import the video. Only the audio. I can go to the original file on the XP box and the video/audio play just fine in Windows Media Player, but for some reason they don't import into my iMac. Even after a reboot, and a new project file. Any ideas?

      Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.49.14 AM.png