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    Just "upgraded" to Premiere Pro CC (Mac) - what about my Premiere Elements Projects?


      Hi all:


      I just purchased a Creative Cloud membership - and was very excited to get started... However, I have just learned that I cannot open my Premiere Elements projects in Premiere Pro - because I use a Mac.  Does anyone have any suggestions for the BEST way for me to be able to work on my existing Elements projects in Pro? I'm assuming that I need to export the Elements projects into .mov or .mpeg formats, etc. and then import them that way.  Obviously I will only be able to edit the "finished product" - and not undo/redo effects/transitions/etc..  If I'm on the right track, can someone let me know the best export settings to use?


      ALSO - I had been using the Elements Organizer for all of my clips/video etc. - I'm going to assume that Premiere Pro does not interface with this?


      Thanks VERY much in advance for any help!