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    Keyboard shortcuts for text selection not working in Flash CC


      In the new Code Editor in Flash CC running on Mac OS X, most standard Keyboard Shortcuts for traversing through the text work as expected (as the Operating System works globally) but there is one that doesn't and it's I think the most important one.


      Hitting "OPTION + SHIFT + [right or left arrow keys]" to select words doesn't work. Hitting "OPTION + [right or left arrow keys]" works as expected, moving the cursor to the next word or break point, but adding shift doesn't do the selection.


      I don't understand why this changed since it's a basic OS global shortcuts, and every other program behaves the way it should. Flash CS6 running on the same system behaves fine, but Flash CC doesn't. If you have ever written code, you know that any second that a programmers hand doesn't have to leave the keyboard to search for the mouse is invaluable, and this has forced me to stop using Flash CC and use Flash CS6 to edit my Action Script classes becuase it's unusable otherwise.


      These shortcuts are also not listed in the keyboard shortcuts for the program, so I can't change the default behavior. Does anybody know if there's a way to set it back to the way it was before, or just disable special text shortcuts so that selecting text behaves like any other application in the operating system?


      System Configuration:

      Flash CC

      Mac OSX 10.8.5