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    Forms not working in chrome?



      I have a website http://www.ambience-interiors.co.uk with 2 forms to make an appointment and order an e-brochure.  The forms work in internet explorer but do not work in google chrome.  Has anyone encountered this problem before and a solution if any!





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          jcanepa Adobe Employee



          Chrome is one of our supported web browsers.  I just went to your website and was able to view the forms without issue.  I submitted data to the e-brochure form.  I am using Chrome 30.0.1599.69.


          When you say that Chrome is not working, what is it specifically that is not working?  Viewing?  Submit button?  One thing to check is if you Chrome extensions active.  If you disable any extensions, does FormCentral work?  When you state that IE works and IE does not, is that on the same computer? 


          Please let me know.








          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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            jarich1 Level 1

            Hi Jeff


            The submit buttons are not working.  I am working on the same computer.  Which extensions do I need to disable?


            Thanks again.



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              jarich1 Level 1

              Hi Jeff


              I have looked into this further and I had an AVG extension which I have deleted but the submit buttons still don't seem to be working.  I have received your request so everything is working ok so it just must be something on my computer!


              Thanks for your prompt reply.