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    Premiere Pro Completely launches, then quits unexpectedly without an error message


      Installed the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium three different times. All the software works except for Premiere, everytime.


      I have checked the registry, and there are no lingering keys.

      I have checked add-ons. Removing them did not fix the problem. Then added back on one-by-one.

      I have checked type/font cache - no problem there either.

      The video card has been updated - still no luck.

      User has complete admin access, so there should be no permission problem (plus, all the other application do launch successfully - photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, etc) .


      Win7 Machine

      • CPU Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 / 2.6 GHz
      • Number of Cores Dual-Core
      • Cache L2 cache - 4.0 MB
      • 64-bit Computing Yes
      • Front Side Bus 800.0 MHz
      • Multi-GPU Configuration 2 single GPU cards (SLI)
      • Graphics Processor NVIDIA SLI Dual GeForce 8700M GT 512MB GDDR3 - 512.0 MB GDDR3 SDRAM