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    Which lossless/near lossless codec is good for our workflow?


      I'm a newby, so bare with me. I'm looking for a lossless or near lossless codec to replace our current use of raw AVI files.


      I work for a training content development studio. We have recently started doing some video production where we capture video from a game engine (Unreal Engine). Video is captured at 720p and most videos are around 30 seconds to 1 minute. The video is currently captured in raw AVI, uncompressed format and processed from there. Some videos are converted directly to our desired output format (VP6 in an FLV format file for a Flash video player). Other videos need some work in Premiere. Most of the files are around 3GB and up. With hours and hours of video, we're talking about taking 10-20TB of storage for one project. File transfer speeds over our network (gigabit) are slow as you would expect for gigabytes of data.


      Our requirements are as follows:

      - Reduced size from raw AVIs (that shouldn't be hard...)

      - Lossless or near lossless compression

      - A common standard format that can be read/written by most common tools (we may have workflow changes in the future)

      - Works well with Premiere

      - Should have read and write support by FFmpeg for our automated transcoding tasks (http://www.ffmpeg.org/general.html#Supported-File-Formats_002c-Codecs-or-Features)


      I'm reading a lot about different the different editing codecs our there. It seems ProRes is the most common and might meet our criteria (ProRes 422 or 422 LT sounds like a good fit).


      Looking forward to your input,