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    SWF not functioning outside of Bin/

      I have read all the documentation and have included the History manager and playerProductInstall.swf. My project seems to error out on the HTTPS service on the creationComplete. It works in the bin but not outside. It is on the same server, just in a different directory so I shouldn't need the cross domain stuff. I see that this has been discussed on the board last month but no one seem to come up with any answers. Any thoughts?

      Thanks in Advance! Wish I was at MAX!
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          I'm sorry to bug you with a non-technical discussion, but I am a recruiter in San Diego. My client is in need of 3 Senior Flex Developers for their project. I have had an extremely rough time finding someone for this position. Would you be interested in this position, or do you know of anyone that might be? We do pay referral fees. This position may be open to telecommuting.

          Job Description:
          They are in the midst of a major re-architecting of their Corporate Management system utilizing many cutting edge technologies. As it relates to the position they are using Flex as their UI.

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          Thanks for your help!

          Natalie Fay
          Outsource Technical