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    Adobe Premiere Elements Help


      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 with Windows 7.  It's worked before, but now every time I try to work on my project a window pops up that says "Adobe Premiere Elements has stopped working" and the programs closes.  Occasionally, a different window pops up that says "Adobe Premiere Elements is low on system memory.  Please save your project and proceed with caution."  Help!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you running in WinXP compatibility mode?

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            ajn333 Level 1

            I've tried several different compatibility modes, none are fixing the problem.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I think that we need to look at those low memory messages. And, we need more details.


              1. Given you have Premiere Elements 4 on Windows 7? Is that 32 bit or 64 bit. Premiere Elements 4 will be a 32 bit application either way with max. supported installed RAM = 4 GB of which 3 GB of RAM or less are available. So, first, how much RAM do you have installed and how much of that is available?


              2. What is your project preset and what are the properties of your source media? Photos, pixel dimensions and how many photos; video, properties for video and audio....total duration of the Timeline. Those video and audio compressions as well as the file extension are important. Are you working with any DV AVI Type 1 video on that Timeline?


              3. How long ago did it work before? And for how long were you working with Premiere Elements 4 without issues?


              4. Have you optimized your computer? Besides the RAM situation, how much free hard drive space do you have? Do you do routine computer maintenance to get rid of pile ups of preview files, conformed audio, and conformed video?


              5. Since the time when things were working until now, any additional programs, codecs, plug-ins, and the like?


              6. What specifically are you doing in the project when you get these low memory messages and/or program and project shut downs?

              Are you just opening the project, in the middle of some heavy editing, or other?


              Let us start here and then decide what next.


              The answers will be in the details.






              Add On...Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.

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                ajn333 Level 1

                1. My computer is 64-bit operating system.  I had 4 GB of RAM, but when I went out and bought more, I now have 8 GB of RAM.

                2. The difference with this video compared to other times I've used it is that it is much longer (about 30 minutes) with all videos, no pictures.  I think all the videos are .mp4 or .mov.  They are pretty large file types, although it will end up being much shorter if I were able to edit it.

                3.  The last time it worked was about 3 years ago, but those projects used just pictures or shorter/smaller videos I think.

                4. My hard drive still has 275 GB free.  The project that I am working on is saved on an external hard drive.  Yes, I do have someone who cleans out my computer occasionally, and did so recently.

                5.  I'm sure I do have additional programs since then, although I don't know what specifically.

                6. The program is fine if I'm not doing anything, it's once I start editing (moving footage, deleting, etc.) that it shuts down.

                Hopefully this helps! Thanks for your time.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  You can add as much RAM as you want to your present computer, but Premiere Elements 4 is still going to be a 32 bit application running in the 32 bit compatibility mode of the 64 bit system, and, as such, has the limitations of 32 bit system, namely maximum supported installed RAM = 4 GB of which 3 GB or less of that are available.


                  You describe your files as large. Since Premiere Elements 4 did not support AVCHD, I would say that they are not files with AVCHD video compression. What are the properties of these files (video and audio compression, frame size, frame rate, progressive or interlaced, file extension, duration, etc)? That .mp4 and .mov are just file extensions (wrapper formats that contain the video and audio compression).


                  The free hard drive space should be much larger (at least 500 GB to 1 TB) for these large files. What is the file size to which you refer as large?


                  At this time, I am not pushing for you to upgrade. We need to review your here and now more. But, down the road, you might want to look at Premiere Elements 10, 11, or 12 in Windows 7 or 8 64 bit. In those cases, Premiere Elements will be a 64 bit application in a 64 bit system and will be able to take advantage of the 64 bit resources. Consequently, in such a setup, you would be expected to get the larger project taken to a successful completion at a higher success rate.


                  Please review and then we will decide what next.






                  Add On...In your present setup, we will need to talk about photos (if used) pixel dimensions and how many.

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                    ajn333 Level 1

                    Ok, I'm not sure I know how to find out all of that information about the files, but I'll do what I can.

                    Essentially what I am doing with this project is taking about 40 or so video clips, ranging anywhere from 1-7 minutes, and then cutting them down to just the parts that I want (anywhere from 10-20 seconds).  Anyway, I just looked at the properties from one of the video clips that was 6 minutes long (I am only using about 10 seconds of it).  It is 1.28 GB, frame width 1920, frame height 1080, data rate 29990 kbps, total bitrate 30118 kbps, frame rate 59 frames/second.  Audio bit rate is 128 kbps, although I deleted the audio from all of them once they were on my timeline.

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                      The memory low-proceed with caution, I was able to ignore using my Core 2 Duo (E7500) desktop (Win 7 32-bit)

                      But eventually I upgraded my total RAM to 4-GB's of 800-MHz (4 x 1-Gb)

                      Then I needed to stop using integrated digital audio--for a Creative Labs D. card/

                      Adobe Premiere does require PCIexpress.

                      And old software is never recommended.

                      My projects rely on the most recent upgrade available.

                      (as long as there are no glitches)

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        What is this all about?

                        Then I needed to stop using integrated digital audio--for a Creative Labs D. card/

                        Adobe Premiere does require PCIexpress

                        What version of Premiere Elements and what does it require PClexpress for?


                        How did all this relate back to low memory messages?