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    ActionScript 3 Error: 1046: Type was not found or....

    Mandy Root-Thompson



      I am completely new to Flas and AS3. I am trying to create an opacity slider using the slider component. I foudn a similar tutorial and tried to alter it to fit my opacity needs. In line 8 (function opacityChange (event:SliderEvent):void{) I get the error message 1046. When I test it in Flash the slider flickers on and off very rapidly too. Though I have searched, I am clueless as to what the problem is.


      Any help will be appreciated.






      percent_txt.text = "Opacity %:0";

      slider.value = 0;






      function opacityChange (event:SliderEvent):void{

                percent_txt.text = "Opacity %: " + event.target.value;

                logo.alpha = event.target.value;