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    Adjustment Layers causing clips to stutter Premiere Pro CC

    AzzieScott Level 1

      I'm working on a music video and I have a 2:35 letterbox preset that I added to an adjustment layer. I added this to the adjustment layer and placed it over all the clips so I don't need to apply it to every single clip. Of course that's the way adjustment layers work. But on some parts of my timeline when the play head reaches certain clips it stutters or when it reaches a clip with a simple dip to black transition the clip stutters again. I know its the preset that I have applied to the adjustment layer because when I disable it or remove the adjustment layer or remove the effect from the adjustment layer the clips play fine without any issues. Can some one tell me why this is happening. My computer has more than enough power to handle this. I'm running a 8 core MacPro, SSD drive, 22gigs Ram and a ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card.