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    Premere Pro CS6 crashes after PC wakes up from sleep/2nd monitor blocked by preview




      When I work on a project in PremierePro CS6 v6.0.5 and put my PC to sleep, Premiere crashes almost every time I boot up Windows again. There is no error number or anything, just a window saying that PP does not work and I only have the option to close PP. So I basically have to quit Premiere every time and load up the project again when I continue working on it, which can take some time if this is a long project.



      This also happens with other PC I could test this on. This is happening since the very first version of PP CS6. I had a chance to test PP CS5.5 on this issue and this was not a problem their.

      I was testing with Win7.


      I already submitted this bug quite a while ago, but all the updates did not solve this problem.



      There is also another bug I noticed related to the second monitor preview in PP CS6, that also is not getting addressed for quite some time.

      When using a dual monitor setup the full screen preview on the second monitor does not minimize if I minimize PP by clicking on the PP icon in the taksbar. If I use the minimize button in the PP window (top right) the preview on the second monitor stays in the background as it should. Also if PP is minimized and I am working with another application (reading a PDF or surfing the web fo example) the PP full screen preview appears after a while on its own and blocks the second monitor. So I have to go to the PP window and back the the application I want to work in in order to get rid of the preview monitor being blocked.
      Here you can see what I mean: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26473959/PremierePro6.0.3_2nd_monitor_issue.mov


      This issue has also been tested on other machines with Win7 and they all had this problem.


      I don't know who I have to address in order to get this fixed. I reported this issues as bugs already around version 6.0.1 and also contacted the help centre but it did not help. This two issues are obviously not related to my setup because I can reproduce them on other machines. What can I do?

      Do other users also have had this issues?