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    Is FDS the only way?

      Hello every one, i am very new to this world of flex but i have good concepts and working experience of AS. What i wanna know is, do we have some other ways to connect to our server-side languages like we have LoadVars in flash or we have to rely only on FDS because most of my clients can't afford its hosting nor i can do that effectively because i am not good in both JAVA and coldfusion, rather i am a .Net developer. I know there is HTTPService object but that only takes XML, what if if a want to send some data in Non-Xml format like in query string or some other way? please shed some lite on it in your expert opinions.

      Thanks and regards!
      Syed Mazhar Hasan
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          You can pass data to your flex application using request parameters. The data that you pass can then be retrieved from the Application.application.parameters object.

          If you pass in an request parameter called "id" to your application like so


          You could have some code in your application that assigns the value to a variable like this

          var id:String = Application.application.parameters.id;

          Hope that helps.
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            seth_hodgson Level 1
            Hi Syed,

            You're free to directly use LoadVars, URLLoader, NetConnection, etc. in your Flex applications to interact with a server. FDS functionality is built on top of these core Flash APIs on the client, and they haven't gone away. So if you have simple data access requirements and LoadVars works for you go ahead and use it.

            But take some time to read through the FDS docs to learn more about the advanced functionality that it provides. When you get to the point of managing sets of data that multiple clients may be concurrently editing and viewing, it can really simplify and empower your development.