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    CS6 crashing mac due to scratch disk.



      - Photoshop CS6 13.0.4 (64bit)

      - MBP 15" retina (2,3Ghz intel Core i7)

      - OSX 10.8.5



      I create designs for a websites. I work only on one file at a time. A real life example: 83MB in size and 2400X6000 in dimension. When I open the file and start editing, within minutes, all my RAM is used, plus my scratch disk uses a whopping 55GB. This is all the free space I have on a total of 200GB. Often, mac Finder crashes, so a hard reset is needed.


      I'm fully aware that a scratch disk can use a lot more then my 55GB. But, I don't do image editing, what I think is a large scratch disk user. And, I used to work with CS4 on an older mac with only 8GB of ram, and I never got a message about my scratch disk.


      Is this normal? Or what can be done the prevent crashing?


      Kind regards,