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    Export settings

      Hi all, hope you can help with my small problem.

      I have shot a small 20 min documentary for my uni course on a DSLR cannon 550.
      The clips are 1920,1080. The sequence settings match and all seems fine.

      I exported this as a shown here





      Standard HD 1020i 25


      I have spend alot of money on this mac and got a very high spec, this exported file plays fine and looks great on here,,,, but,,,,


      Once i get it onto any other machine it simply glitches and stutters and wont play. The file size is 4.2 gig.


      I tried to burn this onto a DVD in "toast" (On export highest quality) but this looks bad quality and the file size shrink to around 500 meg.



      I will be showing this in the university in 1 of the cinema theaters and don't want it looking pixilated.




      Does anyone know of a good export setting i can use. I understand that something has to give in means of quality but maybe not so much or is there a better encryptor or something??



      Many thanks

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          Level 4

          looks like your source footage is 1080p 25 ( which is progressive , not interlaced )... so maybe you could try this setting for playing on computer...




          edit: you'll notice my source is 2997.. as I dont have 25 fps...I just put the setting of 25 there FOR YOU..I would use 2997 for my own footage...


          of course dvd would be  different export type.. ( mpg 2 dvd )...


          if 1080p is too much for your computer to play nice, you might try downscaling to 720p, 25 fps progressive


          typically you try to match your project setting to your source footage and then export accordingly...either the same dimensions and fps and 'type' etc... or downscale for web , dvd, etc...

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            MichaelJacksonUK Level 1

            Hi there.


            Thanks for the response.


            Someone else said i should downscale it to a 720. Think this may be the option.


            Just while i have someone who knows wthat there on about here,,,, Is there an actual export setting for an Mpg2? And would you reccomend that or just try the saving as the 720?


            I thought i did have the comp settings as the same as the original files but maybe not?


            Thanks again.

            VERY helpful

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you want high quality picture make a Bluray.

              For DVD export to mpeg2-dvd pal widescreen progressive and tweak the bitrate a bit higher.

              You will get two files one for video and one for audio.

              Burn those to dvd.

              See how that works out.

              Use RW's to save on coasters.

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                shooternz Level 6

                Your screen grab shows that you are exporting your progressive footage (sequence)  to an interlaced (1080i preset)

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                  MichaelJacksonUK Level 1

                  Thanks Ann,


                  And shootemz, your right.


                  would tht make the difference in what im experiencing?


                  Thanks guys.


                  Solved my problem.


                  Much appreciated