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    Capture the exit event of form fields

    Radhika Magaji Level 1

      Hi, Is there a way to capture the exit event of form fields when the form is open? I have say 10 fields in my form and I have to check rawValues of 5 fields if its null and disable a button. Instead of having to write the code on 'exit' event of every field, i just want to write one line capturing the rawValue of all these fields and perform my code. Something like the below.


      When the form is open/ready  or when im working on it


      if(xfa.event.change)     //checkrawValueOnExit



           if(Textfield.rawValue == null)


           Button.access = "protected";




      Somehow the above is not working! Also suggest in which event do i have to write the code.

      Please suggest ways of doing this.