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    swf to gif problems...URGENT, PLEASE HELP!


      Hey guys!


      Okay, I have this problme, and I cannot find a solution and a client is wanting this back now...


      So, I got supplied a .swf file and html wrapper. With the request that he could get a gif to put on the site. So I figured, no problem! I tried:


      pasting it to a stage in flash... It wouldn't recognise/open the file.

      And using a few different types of "swf to gif" converters. They also didn't seem to recognise/open the file.


      So I tried using a different .swf file I have. But all the same issues happened.


      Can anyone suggest why this is happening, and if there is a solution?


      I am currently running flash cc. I cannot tell you what version the .swf is made in I'm afraid


      Thanks for you help!