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    Peak meter tomfoolery...

    Rough1 Level 1

      This is strange. I am trying to mix several audio tracks so that it is as close as possible to peaking, before I make a sub-mix and normalize them.

      There are 6 tracks of music and sound fx. When I make the time indicator in the sequence back 10 seconds before the point I want to check, it shows me on the audio meter that it peaks just before going red. But when I start it 5 seconds before the point, it goes over (red bars).

      Why is it showing me 2 different values from the same point in time, just because I start playing the sequence at a different point?


      thanks in advance


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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have any dynamics with a long release time?

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            Rough1 Level 1

            Do you mean sounds that fade out slowly?

            Sorry, Im not really an audio guy-but I have a customer that very picky...

            There are lots of "thumps and crashes" SFX.

            What do you mean exactly?


            And thanks for answering...




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              Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you added a limiter or compressor effect to either the timeline or the track mixer?


              PS there is no need to hit peak mod, it will be too loud, with CC you can use loudness monitoring to make your project levels conststant.

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                Rough1 Level 1

                After a bit of reading up on the subject, I believe I need a dynamics compressor. I need to bump up the quite bits, and bring down the loud bits. This is a commercial, and its playing on a video cube in a large sports arena, and because of the accoustics and general background noise, the customer tells me its hard to hear. The technics guy from the arena told me I should master it so that there is minimal dynamics. But even after 3 hours of going through the thing clip by clip, I still have a dynamic range of over 6db.


                And Im using 0db as a reference because the colors are easy to recognise, the master audio will of course be at -15db for the arena.


                thanks again for taking the time. have you got a suggestion for me?


                mfg Simon