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    The referenced paragraph or text anchor is missing

    leowoosh Level 1

      I have a multi document cross-referenced book I was working on yesterday. I completed, saved and backed up a document with over 2000 cross references to other 60 documents.


      Today, when reopening that file to work on it again, some of the cross references appear as red flag, saying "the referenced paragraph or text anchor is missing".


      When I double click that reference, it shows me the setup I had previously chosen for it, unchanged, and by simply clicking OK, the red flag is gone. I have changed nothing.


      Is there a way around this bug? Why am I getting error flags? I havent edited any of the documents or changed anything, and yet I get the errors. I tried "update all cross-references" but the flags are still there.


      ps: I'm using only text anchors and all cross-references are Page number (<pageNum />).