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    Motion path handles disappeared


      I've been working in After Effects for a little while now and am having some of my motion path handles not appear when they should. I'm working on a slideshow and they seem to appear for all of my other pictures. What I do is go in between the start and end point of a path and move my picture away from the main (straight) motion path I created which usually creates a new keyframe on my timeline and inserts a point on my motion path with two handles I can adjust to make the path curved. This time it just creates the point on the motion path and keyframe, but doesn't allow me to make the path curved. It's really strange and has happened to me before. The way I solved it earlier was to remove the point where it wasn't working and insert a new one, and it would magically turn on, but that doesn't seem to work now.


      I've only been able to find one other person that had a similar problem online, which was solved by going to view---->view options and enabling 'view handles'. This didn't solve my problem so I figured I would ask on here. Thanks in advance for the help.