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    dynamic forms and page overflow on 2nd page






      I've been struggling with this situation (and users start complaining!...)

      I have a table which should contain sample codes and descriptions. It's a dynamic table embedded withing a bigger one. People can describe their samples and add a description to hopefully as many samples as they want. I cannot attach a stripped down to minimum form is attached.

      The table works well, is dynamic and jumps onto the next page.

      But here comes page overflow in two situations. I attached screen copies to illustrate the situation.

      If I keep entering samples, it cannot span onto a third page. So the form is often broken.

      The second issue is that the form contains a text field for sample "description" which is set to "Expand to fit". It cannot expand up to 2nde page if description is very long or if descriptions take 2 pages and requires a third one.


      I'm not a LCD advanced and regular user, so I'm sure I neglected some options. Could you give me some tips or directions to manage this case? I don't know how to make custom breaks (after a certain position or reaching margins??) but do I really need them?





      Thanks in advance,

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      Message was edited by: ^^stbns I've put the original dynamic form on https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B56ThPyNGHFdUm4yRlZwQjU5bG8/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1