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    Audio Help

      We need to provide an estimte for a CBT project. I am asking for advise on time estimates for recording audio. I have a 70 page document being converted to CBT. Is it better to estimte audoi time per printed page or per frame. Any assistance is appreciated. Looks like the CBT will end up being about 300+ frames.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi LDtwo and welcome to our community

          Personally, I would estimate using frames.

          As a side note, I'm hoping you aren't planning on creating a single 300 slide Captivate project! That's about 250 slides beyond what we normally consider a project should be.

          Cheers... Rick
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            LDtwo Level 1
            Thanks for the quick reply; actually the project will contain about 10 Modules/projects which are linked together. This will allow for about 20 - 40 frames for any given project. When you said estimate per frame, do you think with scripting, recording and editing the audio that 30 minutes per frame is a close estimate? I was just trained in July so I have not messed with audio yet!

            We have three people who are in the process of completing a 29 Module project (about 7 hours of CBT); each module contains anywhere from 40 - 80 frames. It is a huge project which we are converting from a Quest 7.0 project.

            Again, any help is appreciated.