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    Does Adobe Scout work with IOS7?

    iojeirg Level 1



      I'm trying to profile on an iOS 7 device with Scout. It seems to connect to my PC since I can add my IP and refresh the settings. However, when I start my Air app, nothing is showned in my Scout CC on my PC. I know that Scout doesn't work with IOS 7 Beta, but what about the official release version?

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          Rob Verdegaal

          Same issue here. Scout works fine with ios6 but not on an ipad with ios7. Although I can see my Scout settings on the ios7 ipad it doesn't show anything when I start my app on the ipad. When I start the same app on another ipad running ios6, Scout works like I am used to.

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            iojeirg Level 1

            Hi Rob, I don't know if you know that there's a workaround to make Scout to work with iOS 7. All you have to do is to package a "telemetry.cfg" file in the root of your package that looks something like this:


            SamplerEnabled = true 
            CPUCapture = true 
            DisplayObjectCapture = true 
            Stage3DCapture = true 
            ScriptObjectAllocationTraces = true


            Of course the part is the IP of the computer to which you want your app to send telemetry. With this file you don't need to have Scout companion app anymore, but you have to change the IP everytime you want to connect to another computer.


            I'm still hoping to have Adobe commenting on that issue, as if there's a fix for that in the future.

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              Rob Verdegaal Level 1

              Hi Iojeirg, thank you so much for your quick reply and solution! This works like before on ios6 but now on ios7. Perfect! It's not the way it should be but for now I can go on. Thanks again.

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                Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

                The companion app does work with ios7, but you need to make sure you build your app with the latest version of AIR (3.9). Apple made some changes in ios7 which broke the way the companion app works, so you need both the latest version of the companion app and the AIR SDK for it to work correctly.


                Of course, you can also package a telemetry.cfg file if you want to, but this is inconvenient (you have to repackage whenever you want to change any settings), and isn't necessary.