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    Sharing images between multiple help outputs

    TA Andy Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      Question: does anyone know if it is possible to have an image repository that sits outside of the help SSL such that multiple Webhelp systems can reference a common image repository?


      I'm using Rh10 to write help in English which then gets translated into many languages.

      The problem we face is that our installation DVD is now huge thanks to all these different help langauge resources.

      The images are repeated within each different language output.

      Thus I was asked recently if there are any efficiencies possible here - for example by sharing images (that are common to each language output) in one central folder.

      It makes a lot of sense, but as far as I can see it's not possible in Rh10.

      Can anyone confirm or deny?


      Many thanks in advance.







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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          You can have a Resource Manager for images but that is only so that you can ensure an image used in a project is the same as that repository. It is copied into each project and you get a warning if the two are different. It does not mean the image is outside the project.


          Try this though. It might just work. All your outputs are under one folder something like:


          Help Files

          ... English

          ... French




          Now add a folder called shared images. Create a relative link in a topic to an image in that folder. You will lose functionality like missing images and they will likely not show in the Design Editor so it will be pretty horrible. Might give you what you want though. Can't stop right now to test it.


          Let us know the outcome.


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