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    Audio clipping at end of demonstration...

      One of my developers has a randomly reproducable issue with recording in demonstration mode in captivate. Generally happens in Visual Studio 2008, the entire demonstration records, and all recording works flawlessly, save audio, where the last 5% or so is clipped off entirely at the end of the demonstration.

      I'm at a loss to explain this, or find a solution for it, as there seems to be no specific trigger for it. It works sometimes, others you end up reshooting the last 1-2 slides. Not a huge pain, but somewhat annoying, sapping a quarter hour with each redo.

      Doesn't seem to matter if something is clicked after audio suspends, or you stop the recording via end button or clicking captivate in the taskbar.
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          JackAnz Level 1
          I have not yet tried recording directly into Cap 3 but I found Cap 2 to be sufficiently flaky when recording directly into the application that I began separately recording into another audio app and importing the WAV files. Seemed much more predictable...
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            Kailie_Quinn Level 1
            Works flawlessly in captivate 3 with the exception of the trim bug, which I found a fix for, you should look at it, as it is so seamlessly integrated it's almost automatic. Recording in seperate files in this case would produce an excessive amount of work, more than is justifiable. The main reason I went with captivate is it gave me a tool my software developer's didn't have to learn, they could do the little bit they had to in it with three button clicks. I had considered going to audition or even an integrated sound recorder to accomplish the same thing, but I found it added too much complication to the process.


            Apparently Captivate 3 has no method to verify sound as active data, so, when you're done recording, it simply clips sound off at the last recordable event. Easy way to make sure this doesn't happen is to click the save button in the application you're recording before hitting end (terminate recording).