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    Cinema 4D file render vs After Effects render

    Fred_van_Os Level 1



      I love the fact that you can import Cinema4D files in After Effects, but when I render this out I get a white line arround the Cinema-layer.




      I have a Nvidea quatro 4000 Cuda card. In the example both are in the same settings from the C4D file. And in after effects the output is set to final, ray-traced setting are set to 5.


      But why does it render with an bad/white outline.

      Can somebody help?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You misunderstand. The raytrace 3D has nothing to do with Cineware, soi the settings are irrelevant. In fact you probably see these oddities because you have it set as the comp render and it affects layer belnding calculations. Naturally, also check your Alpha channel settings in the C4D file's render settings. You could be using a straight Alpha where a premultiplied one is required or vice versa.