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    "scanning closed captions" taking forever


      I have a ProRes Quicktime file with closed captions embedded.  Each and every time I open a project with this file in it, it scans the closed captions file (says "scanning closed captions for...") and takes approx 20 mins (90 min video). While it is doing this I can't do anything with the video.  It wouldn't be horrible if it just did it the first time like it does with audio but it is every time.  Plus even though Premiere and Quicktime Player says there are closed captions, i have yet to see them in either program even though I've taken the steps to turn them on.  That is a less important issue, I really just want to be able to open it and not take forever. 


      Is there a setting for this I am missing that would just turn this off?  Anybody else experience this?    I'm using CC.




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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          We're aware of this pain point and are working to resolve it.

          A workaround for the time being would be to transcode the clip to a lossless (or nearly lossless) codec. If you'll be including the captions in your project, then you can export them as a sidecar, import that sidecar with the transcoded video, add it to your timeline, and sync it with the video. You'll probably also want to link them for ease of editing them as a unit.

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            Rymvd Level 1

            Ok good to know it isn't just me.


            Once it finishes the scan the CCs should be viewable?   I've gone to Closed Captioning display and enabled and then changed to all the possible settings but I still don't see them.  When in a sequence I see the 2nd video track that is striped which appears is what is supposed to happen with CCs.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Sorry, I meant to ask for more info about captions not actually showing up. Yes, once scanning is complete, the captions should be viewable in the Captions panel, the Timeline, and the Source & Program Monitors (if they're set up correctly)

              1. When the clip is selected either in the Project panel or the Timeline, does the Captions panel show the content?
              2. What type of caption(s) are present. If you're not sure, select the clip in the Project panel and check the Caption Stream control at the top of the Captions panel.
              3. Do you have the Closed Caption Display Settings set to match the stream type?
              4. What do you mean the "2nd video track is striped"? In the Timelines, captions should look like the one in the attached image. Note that you have to expand the track to see the caption blocks.


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                -LynnE- Level 1

                Has this issue been resolved?  I have a master project with almost 100 45minute closed captioned episodes and am not highly interested in transcoding them all.  Thank you for your time.

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                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                  Two changes were made in this vein:

                  1. Once captions have been scanned for a given clip, they're saved to a cache file, so the clip will not be rescanned for captions again on that computer -- unless you clear the cache folder.
                  2. The option "Include Captions on Import" was added to the Media tab of the Preferences dialog. If you will not be using the embedded captions, disabling that option will save you time on import.
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                    Jason Scarabin Level 1

                    It's years now and why isn't this issue resolved, Adobe?  I'm trying to quickly look at an .mxf file to check audio channels in a timeline but the scanning is taking way too long; how do I stop this scanning altogether so I can analyze the video/audio?

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                      I'm still having the same problem in CC2017. What is the 2017 workaround? Same as 2014?? Wasting an ungodly amount of time waiting for this process to complete.  Please help!