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    how to send a photo after using touch?


      I have used photo touch to edit photos. Can I send edited photos to family/friends. If "Yes", how do I send?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Jsdkmck,


          You have to have a email setup on the device outside of Photoshop Touch. Once this is done, in Photoshop Touch in the screen with all the thumbnails for all the projects (where the Tutorial and Intro) are along the top are icons, second one is a Share icon (little box with an inside pointing out to the right). If you click this, there is another instance of that same icon inside, it just says Share.... When you select it it will prompt you to select which projects to share and what format to share them in (like JPEG). Select whichever projects you want to share and tap OK, from there you will see a list of all apps you can share to. The list will vary based on what apps support sharing are setup on the tablet, but if you have mail setup that should be one of them.