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    HP / FS / PNY K5000 diffrence? should work on HP z800


      there are any problems with running it (Part No: VCQK5000-PB by PNY or C2J95AA by HP,  S26361-F2222-L500 by FS)

      on the hardware platform HP Z800 (PN: FF825AV) ??


      2x xeon 5550 with 24 GB RAM


      quick specs Z800 tell me this card k5000 not supported with z800
      in this situation i'm frustrated, HP support is not able to answer me


      also i know on the market are three manufactures this card k5000: by HP, PNY and Fujitsu Siemens
      there are any diffrence ??


      i'm know SLI not working on Z800


      i found this


      practically it should work, I ask for your opinions and experiences


      Best regards
      Artur Kucznier