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    Photoshop CC won't open or save PNG files


      So, Photoshop CC was working perfectly for me, up until about 3 or 4 weeks ago, when it randomly stopped letting me open up PNG files. I've been converting them in CS6 as a workaround (CS6 still functions properly), but it's getting pretty annoying...

      I've also noticed that PS CC will only let me save in something like 12 or 13 different file formats; CS6 gives me close to double the file format options. CC is missing BMP, IFF, JPEG 2000, PCS, TARGA, and several other formats (not that I work with most of those, mind you, but it is a little strange that they've all just vanished...).


      What's the scoop? Can anyone help? Any idea why it would have just randomly stopped working? Maybe broken by a CC update...?


      I'm running both CC and CS6 on OSX 10.7.5. CS6 has the Magic Bullet Photolooks 3rd party plugin installed, but CC doesn't have any 3rd party plugins.


      Thanks in advance!