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    Speech-analysis and other extraneous files - safe to delete?

    canoli99 Level 1

      hi All -


      I want to free up some space on my boot/program drive. Is it safe to delete the speech-analysis models for languages I'll never use?

      (Program Files(86)\Common Files\Adobe\SpeechAnalysisModels\CS5.5).

      They are 1.45G of the 2.63G of Common Files.


      If I want to keep just the English models can I just keep that directory and the "support" directory?

      Do I need to keep the Canadien English director too (en_CA) or just the US English (en_US)?


      If you know of any other Adobe files I can delete safely...I want Production Premium to continue working of course! - I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Thanks you guys.